How to Deal with a Breakup – HBO Girls Ep 2 Guys’ Commentary (Podcast)
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Elijah and Hannah in HBO Girls Season 2

As promised, here’s the second podcast for the week.  I’m a little behind the TV schedule but this second episode of HBO Girls touches on a lot of really good topics.

In this podcast, Evan and I talk about:

  • What NOT to do after a break-up
  • What are some of the best things you can do to give you a chance to win her back
  • How you can use a woman’s vision of her life to your benefit
  • The truth about why some men are commitment phobic
  • How women can encourage men to be more open to marriage
  • How open communication is crucial during “tough decision” times in a relationship
  • Why noise sometimes cloud even our best intentions for the relationship
  • Why men need to sexualize their image more to make their dating life easier

As usual, leave your thoughts in the comments.  If you have questions on your own dating situation, don’t hesitate to email me.

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18 Responses to “How to Deal with a Breakup – HBO Girls Ep 2 Guys’ Commentary (Podcast)”

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    Kiss N’ Tale » Blog Archive How to Deal with a Breakup – HBO Girls Ep 2 Guys’ Commentary (Podcast) – Kiss N’ Tale

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    Kiss N’ Tale » Blog Archive How to Deal with a Breakup – HBO Girls Ep 2 Guys’ Commentary (Podcast) – Kiss N’ Tale

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    Kiss N’ Tale » Blog Archive How to Deal with a Breakup – HBO Girls Ep 2 Guys’ Commentary (Podcast) – Kiss N’ Tale

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    Kiss N’ Tale » Blog Archive How to Deal with a Breakup – HBO Girls Ep 2 Guys’ Commentary (Podcast) – Kiss N’ Tale

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    Kiss N’ Tale » Blog Archive How to Deal with a Breakup – HBO Girls Ep 2 Guys’ Commentary (Podcast) – Kiss N’ Tale

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    Kiss N' Tale » Blog Archive How to Deal with a Breakup – HBO Girls Ep 2 Guys' Commentary (Podcast) – Kiss N' Tale

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