The Charming Rogue Audio Program Released!
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It’s the season to be jolly sha la la la laaaa… la la la laaa.

A lot of you guys are about to join family or friends for a wonderful Christmas time together. Even if you aren’t following the Christmas tradition, many of you will be joining loved ones in celebration of the winter holidays and the upcoming new year.

Happy Holidays 2012

And for that, I wish everyone a HAPPY HAPPY HOLIDAY SEASON!!!


As much as we have reasons to rejoice (hey, the Mayans were wrong.  There was no world apocalypse!), I know that some of you guys will still feel the sting of not having a special someone to share cheers with.

So it is to you that I am happy to announce the immediate release of my Charming Rogue audio program.

This audio program is what I would call the verbal foundation to a great dating and romantic life.  It will teach you the very techniques and attitudes I use to flirt with women.

This is not by any means a comprehensive “how to” guide to dating.  This program is geared towards men who can already start conversations with women but now want to learn how to be more charming, more playful and more seductive in the way they interact with women.

It’s time for you to take control of your romantic life in this upcoming new year.

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what the Charming Rogue can do for you!


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