Were You Good At Meeting Women In College?
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I’ll be honest. I wasn’t very good in college when it came to meeting the ladies. 

I was your typical nice guy.  I didn’t have the confidence nor the edginess to really attract them sexually. 

Classes and school clubs were great to meet them but beyond that, I didn’t know what to do.  

Worse of all, I was your avid video gamer back then.  All I knew was study, play Counter-Strike, sleep and eat… along with the occasional booze party.  Out of that list, studying was the most optional activity.

Looking back, I don’t have any real regrets because I learned so much about myself through my “playing video games for competition” phase.  As funny as it sounds, I did learn a lot about leadership and how to gain trust with people because all my social interactions were internet based. 

However, if I had to do it all over again, I’d take more opportunities to enjoy the college social scene.  How often would you find yourself in a highly concentrated breeding ground filled with hot, sexy, beautiful, young women who are open to “have fun” while in school?

Yeaaaaa…  That’s what I thought.  I can see you grinning from ear to ear right now.

College is an interesting time for most of young Americans.  That’s the time when you can still go out and mess up without getting too much in trouble.  So take advantage of it!  Interestingly, a lot of the young aspring Pick-Up Artists (PUAs) I’ve met in Los Angeles are college-aged.  I see them go out a lot and “practice” but I think they aren’t taking advantage enough of their college social scene.

They are afraid that they will get burned by practicing pickup in their college social circles.  They’re right!  You can’t do newbie drills or practice random lines in a college setting.  You also can’t focus ONLY on pickup.  That’d be total social suicide… unless you truly understand how to navigate that social scene and know what to focus on.

Having lots of girls in your life, no matter what you do, is a LIFESTYLE.

If I was in school again, I’d want to create that lifestyle with the help of Mark Redman’s Conquer Your Campus e-book in my backpack. 

Yep, forget clubs and bars.  Do you realize how many women are DYING to meet you in college?

Sexy College Girls

I personally go on the UCLA campus once in a while just to watch people interact.  Every student there is in their own coma.  When’s the next test?  When’s the next project due?

If you wanted to approach, meet and talk to someone, there is no competition.  It only takes one tiny bit of courage and energy for you to take girls out of their daily routine and for you to get them completely enchanted by you. 

A while back, Christian Hudson from The Social Man sent me a preview copy of Mark Redman’s e-book.  I didn’t have time to review it until now but the e-book focuses on how to meet women while in college.  I just finished reading it and it’s totally awesome.

You see… each environment has its perks and pitfalls.  When you learn natural game, there is a point when you realize that in each environment, you’ll want to play out the traits that makes you most attractive for that situation.  Based on that, you’d leverage your social networking power with your natural charisma to meet, connect and eventually pickup the girls that you like (even pickup guys for that matter… no, not for sex.  For social purposes!). 

You want to create a system, or a lifestyle that allows you to maximize your social potential.  You do that by knowing the way of the land.

However, a lot of new Pick-Up Artists (PUAs) ignore that simple truth.  They believe there’s a universal method to meeting and/or picking up women.  They don’t realize that some methods are better geared for certain types of venues

Mystery and Style’s material are best used in clubs and bars.  Natural-style techniques are a bit more versatile because they rely on bringing your best CURRENT personality and identity out but in the end, how do you tailor what you learn from the Community to make it work for you based on your current lifestyle?

What I am saying is college life is a bit different than your after-college life.  During college, you don’t have to go to clubs and bars to have fun.  You can meet women through class, the greek system or the school clubs.  If you work it right, you have an instant “in” with the girl.  You just need to understand how the social cliques work.

Mark Redman is the guy who started totally hopeless and with the help of a few mentors, ended sleeping with 71 girls in the last few years of college.  I know that for some of you guys, bedding women is not the ONLY goal in life and 71 women may sound like a little bit too many for you but trust me, there’s a lot of lessons you can learn from him on how to create a more charismatic college life.

In his e-book, Mark writes in depth about the differences between Freshman, Sophomore, Junior and Senior girls but he also describes how you can become the fun, easy-going, dominant leader in college and how you would want to build your social circle to maximize your chances of meeting women.  He goes on to explain how you can turn normal openers like “what’s your major?” into an opportunity to show your unique personality and where you can lead these types conversations. 

The best thing about the e-book is that it’s not technical at all.  He gives you real life examples and explains the types of things you can or would want to do.  For example, he has a chapter on the various drinking games you can play with girls, what kind of posters you can hang to decorate your room and how to use Facebook for follow-up. 

If you are familiar with natural game techniques, you may actually see the “reasoning” behind what he does.  Having studied theApproach‘s material, I can definitely see the parallels in Mark’s e-book and what Sebastian Drake would teach in his bootcamps and I also see the influences of Christian Hudson himself in there.

In the end, it’s all about knowing your target audience and tailoring your specific skills to attract the types of women you want.  If you want to be involved in your school social scene, Mark Redman’s Conquer Your Campus is a great guide to have by your side.  Actually, it is probably the ONLY guide out there specifically tailored for meeting women on college. 

If you go to school and go straight back home without socializing on campus, learning foundation social skills like the ones David Wygant or theApproach teach are plenty to make you successful with women.

But even if you aren’t in college anymore, you can still find value in Mark’s writing just because he truly shows you what it means to be the cool, fun, dominant and easy going guy and how you can achieve that for yourself.

Do I think Mark Redman’s e-book is the best e-book out there for college-aged guys?  Yes, I do.  It is the ONLY book out there that addresses college-specific situations.

Could older guys get something out of it too?  Yes, they could.  Mark really gives you an insight on what it means to create that social and fun lifestyle, to which you can probably replicate for your own specific needs.

So if you are a tiny bit curious, go to the Conquer Your Campus site now.  There is currently a limited time offer that comes with 60-day full money back guarantee and 30 days free access to his “Master’s Program” monthly interview series.

Hot College Girls Gone Wild
Hmmm… is that whip cream or […]?

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