On Being Bold…
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05/17/2007, 11 p.m.

I’m sitting with him in the hills above the 405, staring out into the deep dark night.  Across from us, the bright lights of the Getty Museum compete with the sparkling stars in the sky.  I stare at the magnificent view.  My friend, a successful commercial real estate broker/agent, speaks to me with a confident modest smile.  He describes to me the immense amount of work it took him to renovate the house.  I try to imagine it, but I can’t.  No matter what he tells me, I can only picture the beautiful sleek and modern home that he proudly owns now.

As I listen to him, feelings of respect and admiration enter my mind.  For being my age, he has achieved so much.  There is a certain nonchalance to his success that I like in him.  Unlike some of the more colorful characters who lurks the streets of Hollywood, he shows no pretentiousness.  So I ask:  “What is one quality that you could attribute your success to?”  To which he says:

“Khiem… you got to be bold!  If you want to attract the guys who hold millions of dollars every day in their hands, you got to be bold… almost to the point of becoming a maniac!!!  They have to see the fire in your eyes so that they can trust you with their money.  That’s what I learned.”

I looked out and suddenly, I felt a certain fire reignite in me.

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